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Come this November 12th, StoneSet will officially celebrate 10 years of project installations! Over that period we've completed thousands of installations across every state in Australia. Today were looking at some of the Hospitals and Aged Care facilities, where our non-slip, no loose stone Porous Pathways are ideal for people with limited mobility. 



2010 - Mater Hospital 

Mater Hospital Healing Gardens - Looking to create an area of calm for patients and visitors with ease of accessibility and close walking distance of reception, StonesSet was called upon as part of renovations to revitalise the area.

The area was designed with tranquil surrounds with many tropical plants planted within specially designed teardrop planter boxes and a water feature.

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Why was StoneSet chosen for Mater Hospital Healing Gardens?

  • Easily Cleaned - If you notice how beautiful and clean the area appears, you would be surprised to know its in a highly trafficked area. As StoneSet is fully porous, it can easily be pressure cleaned every morning without pooling causing a slip hazard.
  • Bright Colour - Victorian Pearl was specified for the area as the Atrium received limited amount of sunlight. The area was made more open by the uniform colour of the stone  giving the area a feeling of greater space.
  • Non Slip - StoneSet is a slip resistant surface and can be rated as high as class V
    (equivalent to R13) proving a very low risk of slipping and is suitable for public ramps and areas of low mobility traffic such as hospital.


2013 - Cass Residential Aged Care


This striking installation was completed for the garden at Campsie Aged care complex. Reflecting a high percentage of population with an asian background, this aged care facility featured many eastern / Chinese medicine healing features.

Primarily none more prominent than CASS "Tai Chi Garden" which was a bespoke installation, designed by the architect and executed by StoneSet.

The distinct yin and yang motif was completed using a mix of Tan, Keelan Green (dark yang) and Cream stone (light yin). Residents at the aged care facility can retreat to the garden and do their morning Tai Chi exercises in the peace of the surrounding garden.



2014 - Warrigal aged Care 

StoneSet was chosen to create a natural and welcoming pathway. These colours were the perfect blend of earth and contemporary, creating a beautiful entrance to the building.

Before installing StoneSet, the pathway was prepared to specification which is detailed in our porous pathway technical paper here. 

StoneSet creates a smooth slip resistant surface with no trip hazards making it perfect for aged care facilities such as this project completed for Warrigal Care. 6mm Bronze StoneSet was used to create a fully porous pathway winding through the planter beds.


2014 - St John of God Murdoch Hospital


In 2014, the hospital underwent a massive redevelopment including the exterior foyer and  450 new parking bays. StoneSet was specified as part of the overall renovation to resurface the main entrance way. The primary objective of the specifying landscape architect was;

  • Preserving water, StoneSet was primarily specified to ensure landscaping around the front entrance foyer remained healthy given the significant greenery and arid climate in Perth.
  • Ease of Installation - Supping the product directly to our WA suppliers and installers (Landscape Australia), the application was installed over  did a fantastic job transforming the entrance to this Hospital.


2015 - Hornsby 

The central garden area of the Hornsby hospital was originally landscaped with pebbles and mulch for the garden. Similar to the Mater Hospital, this central atrium area was open to the weather yet easily accessible for patients and visitors.

Why was StoneSet chosen for the Hornsby Hospital Garden?

  • Loose Stone scratches floors - Whilst loose stone is permeable and has a natural appearance, it is no effective for highly trafficked areas especially where people with limited mobility are shuffling their feet.
  • Earthen Colour - With limited space, 7mm Tan was chosen to ensure the area was filled with natural colour. Creating a vibrant and welcoming feel to the area, the stones perfectly tied in the natural surrounds with the modern colours of the hospital.


2016 - Ivanhoe mother baby unit

StoneSet was again specified for this exterior footpath outside the Hospital at Ivanhoe VIC given the combination of its non-slip rating and the amount of garden surrounds at the front of the Hospital

  • A combination of Arctic Evergreen + 6mm Charcoal Glensanda were used to specifically work in with the colours of the landscaping theme and further the table seating area by using seperate coloured stone.




The entrance to Monash Childrens Hospital was overlaid with 'Animal Footprints' as part of their Million Dollar Path campaign to gradually generate donation. The footprints  lead into the front reception with a playful theme for children..

The Footprints were designed to be replaced over time with metal plaques dedicated to donors were cast in footprint in concrete. The campaign saw the names of generous donors who have given $5,000 or more towards the children in the hospital.

Why was StoneSet chosen?

  • Feature colour - With a range of more than 30 colours, StoneSet was the best choice to match the hospital surrounds. The resin based pebble could also be easily removed over time using a very specific solvent, making it easier for the grounds maintenance team to install plaques. 


2018 - Sutherland Hospital

StoneSet was specified to resurface some of the car park spaces at the front of the hospital. There was a tree protection zone in place for the redevelopment which specified that the Surface be "relatively permeable to allow water and gas movement, load spreading to avoid localised compaction". 


2016 - Dutch care Retirement

This beautiful Bronze pathway was chosen to cover 44m2 permeable paving for the footpath. Going over compacted road base, the Bronze stone shows its 






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