4 Unique Ways to Incorporate StoneSet Into Landscaping Designs For Your Clients

 Are you looking for ways to offer more for your clients when doing landscaping design? StoneSet is a versatile product that can be used to give your work a unique look that clients will love. It is more than just a hardscaping product and can be used for both residential and commercial projects. Here are some unique ways to use StoneSet in your landscaping design projects that will give your customers the custom landscaping they were looking for:


Elegant Drive Designs That Look Great in Landscaping

The drive of your home is a dull grey concrete finish. The options for repaving these surfaces for a more attractive look include using pavers, stamped concrete or a material like StoneSet. Concrete finishes end up looking similar, pavers can lead to maintenance. StoneSet offers a cost-effective and durable solution for drives and other paving solutions for areas that need durable, attractive and affordable surfaces.



Give Groundcover Areas a Unique Look by Adding StoneSet

One of the advantages of StoneSet is that it is s a versatile material that is used for more than just pavements. StoneSet is available in a range of colours that are perfect for hardscaping designs. Since the material is also porous, allowing water to drain, it is also ideal for a durable groundcover around plants and trees. It will outlast other materials and needs very little maintenance other than cleaning the surface occasionally.


Make Outdoor Living Space Attractive and Comfortable with StoneSet

One of the new home improvement design trends is outdoor living space. These spaces need durable outdoor surfaces that are attractive and functional. StoneSet is the perfect material for your outdoor spaces, and is also good for slip-free surfaces around pool areas that need durable pavements. Since it is a flexible material, it is also ideal for surfaces over different elevations that are not level.

stoneset pool surround.jpg


Give Children’s Play Areas a Colourful Design Using StoneSet Hardscaping Materials

Children’s playgrounds provide fun-filled enjoyment, but need to be as safe as possible. Coverings around play areas are often materials like sand, which are extremely difficult to clean and leave dangers hidden beneath the sand. StoneSet provides a great non slip surface providing safety around any type of children’s play area.


These are some of the unique ways that StoneSet can be used to give you clients unique features in new landscaping designs. If you are ready to start giving your customers more choices for hardscaping, contact us to get the materials you need for some of these designs.

You can also download our FREE Whitepaper below to provide your clients with as it explains all the benefits of using porous paving in Australia:


Porous paving benefits whitepaper





Written by Stoneset