5 Reasons That StoneSet Porous Paving is Perfect for Hospitals

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Having a safer, greener, more reliable hardscape may seem like the furthest thing from a hospital’s mind. After all, regulations, patient care, and cost-cutting operations often require more attention and investment. However, infrastructure and construction are an integral part of an end-to-end care plan. Here are 5 solid reasons that your hospital should have porous paving, and why it's important to your image, safety, and environmental responsibility.


5 Reasons for Hospitals to Use StoneSet Porous Pavement

  • Environment: Porous paving is an innovative way to be more environmentally friendly, while still retaining the comforts of traditional hardscapes. Unlike open concrete grids, porous paving still retains a solid smooth surface that is completely wheelchair accessible throughout its lifetime. Porous paving also allows rain to seep through and reach the soil beneath. This water then spreads throughout the soil surrounding the hospital, making those eye-catching trees greener and shrubs a little brighter.
  • Grip: Having a tight grip is ultra-important when it comes to hospitals. Patients in various conditions will be walking on that pavement. So having a tighter grip is important to reduce the chances of slips and falls. StoneSet pavement also helps wheelchairs, IV- walkers, and medical equipment on wheels grip the ground better, potentially making the entire hospital run more efficiently.
  • Puddle Reduction: Say goodbye to large puddles. With porous pavement, water drips through, making pools on the ground a thing of the past. This reduces the chance of patients slipping and falling.
  • Image: Of course, using environmentally-friendly options is a kind thing to do, but, in fairness, you are running a business with a bottom line. Good thing that going green can increase your hospital's image. In the hyper-competitive world of medical care, branding yourself as environmentally-friendly can increase trust, loyalty, and business.
  • StoneSet Guarantee: We can't speak for other providers of hardscapes, but at StoneSet we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. All of our hardscapes are built to last 25 years and come with a 10-year guarantee. Our hardscapes are built to last. We believe that providing quality service is the best way to build our image as a brand.

There are plenty of benefits that come along with choosing StoneSet porous paving as your hardscape for hospitals. If you have any questions, would like some more information, or are even a little curious about some of our porous paving options, feel free to contact us.

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