5 reasons why StoneSet is easy to use

The StoneSet material has been used for 17 years now as a decorative, hardwearing and porous paving material. One thing that doesn't come up too often, but can be important is the ease of using StoneSet and the StoneSet products, here is 5 reasons why using our products to overlay existing surfaces is so easy:

1. Little to no prep work is required. We can install directly over most cracks and we only need to remove areas requiring 'tie-ing' in with surrounding surfaces.

2. Installation is quick, so disruption is minimal. StoneSet can achieve up to 250sqm installed per day. In most cases the area is accessible by foot the next day.

3. Unlike some concrete overlay systems, the surface doesn't need to be leveled out to remove undulations prior to installation. StoneSet is typically laid between 12-20mm thick and any dips or holes can accounted for in the finished surface pour.

4. Our install set up is very confined. We need power for a mixer and a whisk, that is all. There is no need for water, dust extraction or noisy machinery. When on site we cause minimal disruption.

5. We have a wide network of installers across Australia, this means you don't need to find someone to carry out the works on your behalf, just come to us, no matter where you are in the country and we will do the rest.



Written by Stoneset