Why You Should Consider Porous Paving Applications

Stoneset is committed to providing better paving solutions for the safety of our environment. This has led them to develop a variety of porous

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Everything a Builder needs to know about StoneSet

A cost-effective and low maintenance paving solution, StoneSet offers long-lasting products green builders can truly feel good about. Specifically

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3 Ways You Will Benefit From A Porous Tree Surround

You spend a lot of time and effort on your trees, and you want to get the best use out of them. This is why we offer porous tree surrounds.


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4 Situations Where Porous Paving is Useful

Why use porous pavement? There are many situations where porous pavement is useful.

Here are just a few possible porous paving applications.

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How Much Pollution Could Green Paving Prevent?

Pollution has become a huge problem in our modern age. And it seems like every time we come up with a solution to halt one form, another type of

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3 Advantages of Overlay Paving


Overlay paving sounds like an unusual choice, at a glance. After all, if you already have perfectly functional paving in the form of concrete,

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Make a Splash this Summer with an Outstanding Pool surround

Whether you're looking to build a new pool or renovate one you've already got, you'll give yourself a pat on the back for choosing StoneSet. 

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Green Stormwater Infrastructures

Rainwater becomes surface runoff when the ground can't soak it up fast enough. Even if the earth is cracked and dry, a downpour will fall faster

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How Can Green Paving Improve Water Quality?

Around the world, concern for water quality is at an all-time high. From municipal conservation programs to individuals curbing their water use,

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