Hardscaping: Perfect for Retirees

Retired? You probably don't wish to spend all your time in retirement maintaining the landscaping around your home. You prefer to spend your time enjoying your property in a variety of ways such as playing with grandchildren, gardening, grilling, having parties on your patio, and relaxing. 


Retired folks looking for no maintenance landscaping options find that the newest trend of "hardscaping" is the perfect option for their needs. Hardscaping with StoneSet is an easy solution for homeowners to reduce maintenance.

StoneSet comes in 24 natural stone colors to compliment traditional or rustic homes that have natural landscaping and 6 vibrant recycled glass colors provide pizzazz for homes with more futuristic or artistic designs.

StoneSet is porous paving that looks great around homes as pathways, pads, patios, or driveways. StoneSet paved areas are puddle-free and are slip resistant. Hardscaping minimizes and highlights the soft landscaping areas such as lawns and gardens that need regular watering and maintenance. Hardscaping with porous materials is good for the environment as it allows water to reach the soil below it, reducing erosion around the house and providing water to nearby trees, bushes, and lawn areas. 


Hardscaping Ideas:

Use StoneSet to design artful driveways, sport courts, pathways, pads, or patios around your home so you can spend your time enjoying these spaces. 

Do you have a long dirt driveway that creates dust when it's dry and that gets muddy when it's rainy? StoneSet creates lovely driveways in any color or design to compliment your home that stay clean and puddle-free.  

Like to play basketball in your driveway with your children and grandchildren? A basketball court design inlaid into your StoneSet driveway will encourage family games for years.

Like to play tennis with your wife? Why not design a StoneSet tennis court with inlaid lines in colors that will compliment her garden design in the backyard. 

Have a swimming pool? A StoneSet pool surround in a light natural color will keep you cooler as you lounge around the pool. Keep swimmers safe with a slip-resistant surface. 

pool surround.jpg

A StoneSet pathway around the perimeter of your home reduces erosion at your foundation and reduces maintenance. A pathway along or through your gardens makes them easier to tend and more enjoyable. Providing a pathway that stays dry and slip-resistant will draw you and your family outside more often and keep the dirt and mud out of your home. 

StoneSet pads are useful for storing large lawn equipment like riding lawn mowers, or recreational toys like boats, motorcycles, motorhomes. Porous pads keep expensive equipment out of puddles or mud reducing chances of rust, and provide attractive dry surface areas for working on such heavy equipment. StoneSet pads also make great surfaces to place an air conditioner or a barbecue grill on to match your other hard-scaped areas. 

StoneSet is wonderful for designing patios of any shape or size. With so many colours to choose from, you can choose a solid natural colour, create a design with two or more natural colours, or add brightly coloured accents into your patio design. And then have a party for your friends and neighbours on your beautiful patio!


Contact us to help you design a hardscape for your property, so that you can get outside and relax in your retirement instead of doing strenuous maintenance. 


We also suggest you to have a look at our Inspiration Book below - in this book, we display our client's latest projects so you can see what we can do!








Written by Stoneset