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Since 2011, Sydneys growth rate has averaged 4.95% pa and currently boasts 5.1M residents. Despite being the capital city with the largest population, the growth rate has slowed this year to 2% due to 'internal migration' to other capitals.

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Melbourne follows Sydney closely at 4.9M residents and in 2018 saw the largest ever net-annual increase in population with a corresponding highest growth rate of the capitals at 2.7%. 
With the price of housing, Medium density zoning has provided the bulk of dwellings for growing populations. As a result, Strata living is evolving toward a higher quality of dwelling, including luxury apartments. 
Foyers and landings on common property are busy thoroughfares. Issues such as loose stone, concrete cracking and pooling or flooding from runoff are legitimate safety concerns for Owners Corporations. Strata Committees are being forced to act on reports of trip and slip hazards and search for alternatives.
Owners Corporations and Councils face many safety issues in highly trafficked pedestrian areas.
Why is StoneSet's unique brand of resin bound stone well placed to meet these demands?

Pebbles stay bound

Unlike Pebblecrete, Stonset uses a very robust and durable 2-part polyurethane binding resin. Unlike cementitious adhesives used for pavers and pebblecrete, Stoneset resin is chemically cured, UV stable and flexible to ensure strength and flexibility which affords customers a 10 year guarantee
This landing at an apartment block in Coogee was surfaced in Cream stone in keeping with the strata blocks external appearance. 


Runoff, pooling, dampness, mould, slip hazards. These are all common issues that must be dealt with by Committees and Councils. Rather than the expense and hassle of fitting new strip drains and networks to deal with pooling water, why not let that water flow through the pavement, and into the ground?


A combination of the above, highly trafficked areas that experience water pooling will see advanced stages of wear well before StoneSets 10 year guarantee. This attractive and durable system provides a low maintenance, hard surface which is crack resistant, yet flexible enough to allow for ample controlled movement such as root growth. 


Despite the eastern seaboard experiencing one of the driest winters on record, we have not seen water restrictions put in place. Any rain has seen significant runoff, as the ground has become dry and compacted. StoneSet is porous, allowing water to run right through and return to the water table, providing water and nutrients to trees, shrubs and other greenery. With StoneSet The larger the gravel surface area, the larger the amount of rainwater to be stored. Forget the tank and let the water sit in the decorative gravel until the ground is ready to absorb it.


The value of property in Australia has not only resulted in a shift to Strata living, but an increase in the quality of living these newly built strata units offer. Luxury apartments are framed by beautifully landscape gardens and common areas. StoneSet has 24 different natural colours of stone and 6 vibrant colours of recycled glass, StoneSet offers the freedom of creativity and a cool porous paving product for all your landscaping needs.

Looking to fuel your next park project? Contact us. We are members of the Master Builder's Association and a CarbonNeutral company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

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