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The next time you enter your business, take a moment to look at the exterior. If the entrance and landscaping look outdated or ordinary, potential customers may just walk on by. To attract new business and provide a greater, aesthetic experience for your customers, consider the modern trend of placemaking.

Use this concept to design a welcoming spot in or around your business using attractive plants, hardscaping, and even water features or customer Wi-Fi.


StoneSet will be the key to providing an attractive, environmental and safe solution for your business.

Practical and Attractive Hardscaping

Whether you own a cafe, an auto repair centre or any type of business that requires its’ customers to wait for a service, considering an outdoor seating area. Refresh your hardscaping with StoneSet, a durable porous paving. It provides a quick, easy and professional looking hardscaping for a newly furbished waiting area. It holds up well in high traffic areas and won't harm trees or plants, so once it is in place you can complete your new exterior with trees, potted plants, benches or tables.

Comfortable and Safe


Using a crack-resistant paving such as StoneSet helps ensure that customers enjoy the space both safely and comfortably, particularly the elderly, young, or handicapped. The surface provides traction and has little water run-off during rainstorms, preventing slippery puddles. StoneSet absorbs sound vibrations, calming a busy outdoor environment and allows customers to relax and hear important information about your service such as hearing when their order is ready. And unlike gravel, StoneSet makes it easy to pressure wash the surface and get rid of dirt and debris, therefore, providing a low maintenance solution.

Once your StoneSet project is completed, your businesses will have a refreshing new look that increases the appeal of your business and draws the eye of new customers.

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