Set Your Hardscaping Designs In Stone: Incorporate StoneSet Into Your Next Project Design

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There are many options to add garden paths and walkways to your garden, but some look less professional or only last for a few years. For example, a mulch or bark path will look great in your garden for a year or two, but will eventually decay. A better way to go is to use gravel, which has some problems of its own.

Today, there are options like StoneSet, which give your garden design something extra. Here are some of the ideas that can be done with StoneSet for beautiful garden renovations:


Making the Most of Hardscape Designs Using StoneSet

Whether it is for a planting area, paths or garden design, using StoneSet will give your garden the attractive features you want. It is available in a variety of different patterns and colors, including:

  • Yellow Sienna
  • Victorian Pearl
  • Tan
  • Sunset Gold
  • Kelan Green

There are more than 30 color ranges to choose from, which is great for any type of hardscaping project you have planned.


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The Benefits of Using StoneSet For Hardscape Materials

StoneSet is an ideal material to use for any type of hardscaping projects, including surfaces that vehicles will be driving over. It is also ideal for pathways and outdoor areas. Some of the successful projects StoneSet has been used for including:

  • Recreational Area Pavements
  • Garden Hardscape Designs
  • Custom Driveways For Homes
  • Tree Surrounds For Drainage
  • Durable Pool Surfacing Solutions


Anywhere you need a durable and green gravel alternative, StoneSet is there - Contact us for help with your project!

Have a look at our latest work and get inspired by the different types of beautiful results we were able to achieve for our clients:





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