StoneSet Is Your Clients' Solution To Their Water Problems

Water is always a concern. It's either slowly carving out holes where they aren't wanted or slithering away before it can be put to use. Your clients have been dealing with this for years, and they may be looking for solutions. 

Well, now you can offer the permanent fix for them. StoneSet porous paving solves a number of problems in ways that make your company look brilliant.


1. Water Is Damaging The Grounds

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Rainwater digs out holes anywhere that it is allowed to concentrate. It will break up surfaces that are under eaves and along the edges of covered carports, for instance. It will also wear patterns in soil, pushing topsoil downhill. This looks shabby and damages structures. Porous paving softens the blows of rain and prevents puddles from eating away at surfaces. You can offer to use it as a ground covering around buildings.


2. Drainage Systems Are Showing Signs Of Strain

Storms not only unleash large amounts of water on irrigation systems, they take debris from surfaces into drains. There is a limit to how much rain and flotsam a pipe can handle at any given time. Rain coming off of driveways and sidewalks can flood streets, overwhelm sewer systems, and turn ditches into lakes. Porous paving disperses the water from a storm and keeps debris in place, instead of sending it down overworked drains. The reduced load will prolong the life of drains.


3. The Cost Of Watering A Property Is Too High


No one has ever liked paying for water, even if it's needed to hydrate your plants. Porous pavement catches rain and sends it to the water table directly under a client's property so that they don't have to water their lawns as much to keep them nice and green.

It lowers water bills in a second way, too: it limits the number of plants needing water. Since you can make a pretty patio, courtyard or path out of StoneSet, your client will feel less inclined to cover every square inch of their land with greenery. 


If your clients frequently come to you with irrigation-related questions, you now have an answer they will love. Contact us to see what we can offer them.

To find out more about the numerous benefits of our product, you can download our free guide below:

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Written by Stoneset

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