Benefits of Porous Paving for Coastal Properties

If you live on the coast in Australia or New Zealand, StoneSet's porous paving products provide the pathway to a more environmentally responsible

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Why choose porous paving?

Cost Efficient 

Porous paving offers clients an environmentally friendly paving option that has proven to be cost effective.

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How to maintain a heritage look, while meeting access requirements for everyone


A big challenge for all heritage sites is to provide adequate and easy access for all people while maintaining the heritage values that can make

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Tree Pit Talk

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Tree Pits 

There is a lot of opinion over the best spec for a porous tree pit paving specification. We have been installing tree pits for nearly

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Why are StoneSet rubber tree pits the best?

Trees like to move and in the hard landscaping world, they like to move a lot.

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Our council has introduced a WSUD policy into the planning permit process... What now?

Water sensitive urban design or WSUD aims to reduce the amount of impervious hard surfaces and mitigate changes to the natural water balance.

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Ultra flexible and recycled rubber tree surrounds by StoneSet

Have a look at our latest innovation - incorporating recycled rubber and a unique resin blend we have created a ultra flexible and strong paving
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Another great reason to choose StoneSet

The reasons why more and more people are choosing StoneSet Permeable Paving are well known:

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