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If you're a homeowner or landscaper and you've been looking for the perfect service to help you complete that new home or renovation project, StoneSet is your solution. StoneSet is a green company based in Australia that specializes in porous paving as well as overlay paving. By choosing StoneSet, you gain access to numerous benefits such as unparalleled aestheticism, which also offers slip resistance and affordability.

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StoneSet Offers A Beautiful Range Of Options

At StoneSet we pride ourselves in offering a large range of aesthetic choices so that your home can truly become a work of art. Our colour range is one of the most extensive and beautiful selections in the paving industry as we strive to meet any creative idea you may have. We offer over 30 different colour choices - ranging from warm natural colours to modern greys and even recycled coloured glass.


Safety And Durability Are Top Priorities

StoneSet paving ensures maximum safety and durability through outstanding quality assurance. StoneSet's overlay is made from a durable and flexible resin built to withstand wear and tear from weather and heavy traffic alike. StoneSet's porous paving is equally as durable, with a hard yet porous surface allowing for only water to flow through the surface and block out weed growth.

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Our Fair Costs Ensure Your Money Goes Further

StoneSet's prices are affordable to any budget. Prices range from $100-$150 per square meter for installation on an existing concrete surface and $140-$200 per square meter for a fully porous pavement installation on a prepared base. StoneSet also offers a DIY pour on resin at an average price of $35 per square meter. For job specific estimates you can contact StoneSet for discussion.


At StoneSet, we pride ourselves on being a company dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective services to all homeowners and landscapers seeking to turn their homes into beautiful works of art and we look forward to working with you.

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